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Cord Residual Effects Of Sodium Chloride (Common Salt) Fertilizers On Yield And Leaf Nutrients Of Coconuts Grown On An Island Soil Of Davao (Mindanao, Philippines)

The beneficial residual effects of the previous regular applications of sodium chloride fertilizers on mature coconuts were evaluated in a long‑term experiment conducted in an inland Tugbok soil (typic Tropudalfs) of Davao, Mindanao (Philippilines). Sodium chloride (common salt) at increpasing rates of 0.0, 0.88, 1.76, 3.52. and 7.04 kg/tree per tree was tested.

At higher rates of NaCl fertilizer (1.76‑7.04 kg/tree per year) applied regularly for 5 years, the residual respofise in terms of nuts and copra yield tended to, occur for a longer period of 5 years. Except soil Na, soil. properties were not significantly affected by NaCl application.

 Implications of the findings are discussed in relation to sound coconut crop agronomy and soil management.


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